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Thread: Encounters with people after working magick towards them

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    Encounters with people after working magick towards them

    Hello forum,

    I've recently noticed a pattern with my magickal workings where I've had out-of-the-blue encounters with people I've worked offensive magick rituals towards. Due to the pandemic quarantine, it's been social media happenings lately.

    Before anyone freaks out, I'm not involved in anything really dark, but the rituals were related to a vinegar jar and petition burning in a mini cauldron. All have been lawful towards people who wronged me in some way.

    The first instance was receiving a message from someone I hadn't heard from in a year, merely 14 hours after working a vinegar jar against them. (I do not call on any dark spirits, used my raw emotion.) They tried to drop me a line they thought I wanted to hear, but I know it was untrue and never responded to them.

    Second instance was writing and burning a small petition for a person to stay out of my life, and noticing they blocked me or archived/moved our old conversation to their spam folder the very next day.

    The third was also related to burning a petition for a former manager who had treated me badly, and about a week or so later this person showed up in my friend suggestions. No mutual friends and I haven't looked at their profile in probably six months.

    Has anyone else noticed things like this happening after their magickal workings? Like the ripple effect of the energy sent out is causing the person to reflect on a situation perhaps. I feel very confident in these rituals working from what I've observed.

    I understand these types of magick make some practitioners uncomfortable, and I would appreciate not to be ostracized for sharing this.
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