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    Classical sculpture informed that conception of the abrahamic god. It never really fit. It's a bit of a misconception to say that it came from zues, though. Sculptors had a habit of depicting any god as an effigy to their patrons in this world. The gods ended up looking like living emperors, potentates, and various members of the court and state. It's a circuitous route, but that image of god is probably informed more by what septimius the tax collector looked like than anything else. Some public servant building his resume through the commission of art.

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    Hello Rhythm. I stand by my words and I did not make that up. Not going to argue here. My main concern is helping axle2152.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ingridstjerne257 View Post
    Well, I think the problem is you're still thinking about finding a black and white answer. Then you get philosophical which adds to the confusion. Not that what you are doing is bad but you're trying to find middle ground or the center road, I believe. And if someone said to you, "It will come to you," that's not really helpful either.

    The image of "old bearded man" came from Greek God Zeus. I don't know why or when (some) Christians adopted that image since Islam & Judaism don't use image or idol at all. I think about those Renaissance paintings, so I guess that's when it started? But can you change that "weird feeling" around? To me, when I get picture popping up (literally or figuratively) it kinda means something.

    I tried to find the quiz I took but it's no longer around (I took it years ago). I found one called "Which Pagan Religion Suits You" on quizbot. The only problem is that it doesn't allow multiple answers... maybe you can find a better one.
    Yeah I don't think "it" will just come to me. Perhaps my lack of exposure to religions or waiting this long to take a good long hard look at myself like where do I stand with what I believe. Some of the exercises in the book "Paganism: An Introduction to Earth Based Religions" I referenced (probably in my OP) had exercises and some of the questions where about what you believe, questions about how you view deity, the universe, and I thought to myself well...I don't know. I don't know what I believe and so it is difficult to test one's beliefs about something they haven't really decided on. I do get philosophical perhaps what I should be looking for is more of an Introduction into Spirituality rather than on religion, or some mix...? I will admit the book by Joyce Higginbotham is a good eye opener and it seemed relatively neutral.

    I did find this quiz (haven't taken it at the time of this writing yet) hopefully it is similar to the one you spoke of. I'll take it and hopefully I don't hit a wall with questions and perhaps reflect on the results for a little bit.

    (Can't post link, found quiz on "quiztron" with the same name)

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    Well, you can read/learn about other faiths just for the sake of knowing what others believe but I would recommend to do more out of curiosity than finding something for yourself. Whenever I learn something new about a culture, for example, I just find it fascinating and/or interesting for its own sake.

    I used to identify with "spiritual but not religious" but not anymore. Especially when others told me I have religious beliefs or tendencies. It just didn't come from dogma.

    I would recommend something to help clear your own perception. There are gemstones (healing crystals) that can aid you. Amethyst and lapis lazuli are excellent. You can also use quartz (rock crystal). They can clear the way to understanding on your own part.


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