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Thread: Not Secure? And deletions?

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    Not Secure? And deletions?

    I remembered today that I had this account. I am getting warnings that this site isn't secure.

    If someone deletes their account, does every post go with them?

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    Re: Not Secure? And deletions?

    PF does not at this time use HTTPS. This means that if someone between you and PF is able to monitor traffic then they can read your communications with PF. We will hopefully upgrade this at some point but in the meantime be cautious with your interactions with a web forum (honestly, people should do this anyway and with sites vastly larger than PF), don't use the same password on PF that you do somewhere particularly important (or start using a password vault and give every site its own 20 character randomized password that you don't need to remember because you have a paasword vault for that crap) and start using TOR or a VPN (do this anyway, provided that the VPN is reputable and not compromised or that the endpoints aren't compromised in case of TOR, either one will net you all the encryption bennies of HTTPS along with the ability to spoof your location).

    Account deletion only removes prior posts if Admins directly tell it to. We don't like deleting accounts let alone deleting posts en mass except in reaction to spambots but. It is possible if Juni approves. If that's your goal the PM Juniper directly.
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