Apparently I'm feeling confrontational this week. One of my brothers just tried to tell me the hairstylist in Texas had every right to ignore the Governor's statewide order closure and should not be fined for breaking the law and it was perfectly fine for the Lt. Gov. to pay the fines she was given. He also tried to tell me had she been in south Dallas she would have been tried the same. Which lets be honest is the biggest bunch of b.s. ever!!!! And I'm not gonna lie it absolutely enrages me that he would say that. I'm not exactly sure wen my beloved little brother become a right wing blow hard but here we are....

I also got tired of my KP's best friends new wife trying to play the pity me card about them not being able to rent a house all over facebook and corrected some of her facts. Yes your credit matters, yes you have always had to make 3x the rent and yes you are responsible for an application fee. But really what gets you is your rental history and having multiple previous evictions doesn't look good! Also maybe if you had a job you guys would make 3x the rent. She deleted my comment.

Did I mention said best friend asked two people (KP and I) who bother suffer from depression and anxiety if we thought he should he go after sole custody of his son, our godson, because his ex was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?!?!?