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    new here

    Hello my name is Steve. I am a 60 year old American living in the Philippines,will be living back in America near end of next year. I have an interest in witchcraft since childhood. When i was a child in the 1970,s i met a woman who had migrated from England to America in the 1950,s, i met her under bad circumstances.I learned she was high priestess of a powerful coven. I went on her property that consisted of a lake, an island, and two story stone building.All this was built in the 1950,s when she bought the property. As a child i became fascinated with the life of this woman, and wanted to know about her life. Many years later i met a man that had a cousin that worked for this woman,he had first hand knowledge of the initiation rites, there sabbath rituals,there use of a summoning table on the island, and there use of hot cauldron broth to cast a circle. While here in the Philippines i met an American pagan that convinced me to right a book about this woman. My book tells the life of this woman from a young adult pagan in England to her moving to America and starting the very secret Jabo coven. All names and locations have been changed.I would love for a group to follow the ways of the coven and bring it alive again.

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    Re: new here

    Hello Steve and welcome to Pagan Forum.


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