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Thread: Spirituality Equality

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    Re: Spirituality Equality

    Quote Originally Posted by Spy View Post
    To me, there┤s a difference between spirituality and religion.

    While I see spirituality as a state of mind, religion is the catalyst and practice to reach such a state of mind.

    So, therefore, strictly speaking, I would not call for spiritual equality, as there are as many unique minds as there are humans on earth.

    If you would call for equality in religion, I would say that in my opinion, religion needs to move from a public practice into a private, intimate practice again.
    Every one should find a prayer for him- or herself, a way of setting your beliefs, a way of meditation, a way to open your spirit up for what┤s inside of you.

    I see any public religion merely as an anchor or guide, an orientation. In practice, I set up my prayers, my way of living, and opening up my mind and my spirit.

    In my case, I meditate within a nearby forest, as I was inspired by shamanic traditions of getting deeper in touch with nature. I simply sit down, touch the earth, and relax and let things come and go.

    So in the end, any religion can be an inspiration for opening your mind up to what┤s inside of you. If you feel drawn to a religion, then practice it, or alter however you like. It helps to find people who are like-minded, who share your thoughts. Together you can have your brain vibrating in higher frequencies, which could inspire you to do things you would┤ve not thought of otherwise.

    Everyone is unique, so are you. So are your practices.
    I agree and understand that some of religion's private with the family.
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