I think shampoo is a scam. Ive had a few times where I've stopped using it in the past but I think I'm finally off it for good now. Why? Isn't your hair going to get all gross? Well, maybe, certainly for a bit after you stop, but not using shampoo doesn't mean you're not cleaning your hair. It just means not using shampoo to clean your hair. A growing number of people have been swapping to other options, like shampoo bars, home mixes, natural alternatives, or just plain skipping it.

So I stopped using shampoo around two months ago now, and it's not my first time. Usually I rinse with just water and once or twice a week I'll condition. Whenever I used shampoo my hair would pouff out and get super dry, so I'd condition extra to compensate which just made me need to buy more. I always hated it and when I asked people for advice everyone just told me to use styling products or extra oils which never felt like a great solution for me.

Well since shampoo was what caused that thing I hate, I just stopped using it. There was an adjustment period as the natural oils evened themselves out, around two weeks. Now my hair never gets pouffy, has a really consistant texture, and rarely feels heavy or super light anymore. I've also noticed it just looks way healthier.

This leads me to wonder what the point of using shampoo even is? Especially, as I've discovered, since conditioner also has cleaning properties without being so harsh. So what are your thoughts? Have you joined the no-poo converts or are you holding strong? Is this something you've considered?