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Thread: The Path Of The Green Man

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    The Path Of The Green Man

    a quote from wiki

    For many modern Pagans, the Green Man is used as a symbol of season renewal and ecological awareness.

    In Wicca, the Green Man has often been used as a representation of the Horned God, a syncretic deity that incorporates aspects of, among others, the Celtic Cernunnos and the Greek Pan.
    in the words of Michael Ford Thomas - the Path Of The Green Man is about:

    exploring the connection between spirituality and sexuality - manifesting your desires through magic

    I have always had an affinity for anything Green Man - for me - as a gay male Wiccan - it is about males rites - masculine energies - the divine masculine - but I think just the principles of the Green man transcend across to even those who have their feet firmly planted into the mundane world...

    I have built 2 Green Men - the first was a project for my 2nd* elevation - and I am not at liberty to really discuss more of that aspect of it - but it went hand in hand with my birthday celebration and Lammas - it was way to big of a project to do at home so I set out to accomplish the task at a gay campground that I visit very frequently - I used an empty cabin to start building - I built by components - here are a few pics of that process:

    man2.jpg green4.jpg man3.jpg

    in a days time or so one of the owners of the campground who is a close friend got word of my project - he came to see me and then insisted that I share the experience with the entire community at the weekly bonfire the site holds - and from there it became a rollercoaster - while I was doing a little sage burning prior to the lighting someone asked to be smudged - then another - then another... it was amazing to me how many non-pagan men where all about the ritual - all about the experience beyond just another Saturday night fire...

    the owner of the camp ground always dwelled on how much the crowd enjoyed the festivity - and eventually he prompted me to do it again - and the second go round was beyond my wildest dreams - he had the event slated on the activities calendar - and together we built a Green Man that was somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 feet tall! the Green Man was stuffed with all kinds of herbs and mementos that campers brought by that they wanted to use as a personal dedication - there was also a "wish" basket where they all wrote personal things - they came in costume and there was an entire group that attended to smudging - drummers drummed and the crowd broke out in chant - and the rites of spring - Ostara - and male rites were celebrated until early morning - the Gods shone upon me...

    in the final pic you can see the scale of the Green Man by the flame bearer standing next to it...

    green.jpg green4.jpg green2.jpg green8.JPGgreen9.JPG

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    Re: The Path Of The Green Man

    That's a pretty awesome final build. Thanks for tossing up the pics.
    "It is not simply enough to know the light…a Jedi must feel the tension between the two sides of the Force…in himself and in the universe."

    "When to the Force you truly give yourself, all you do expresses the truth of who you are,"


    Yoda told stories, and ate, and cried, and laughed: and the Padawans saw that life itself was a lightsaber in his hands; even in the face of treachery and death and hopes gone cold, he burned like a candle in the darkness. Like a star shining in the black eternity of space.

    Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

    "But those men who know anything at all about the Light also know that there is a fierceness to its power, like the bare sword of the law, or the white burning of the sun." Suddenly his voice sounded to Will very strong, and very Welsh. "At the very heart, that is. Other things, like humanity, and mercy, and charity, that most good men hold more precious than all else, they do not come first for the Light. Oh, sometimes they are there; often, indeed. But in the very long run the concern of you people is with the absolute good, ahead of all else..."

    John Rowlands, The Grey King by Susan Cooper

    "You come from the Lord Adam and the Lady Eve", said Aslan. "And that is both honour enough to erect the head of the poorest beggar, and shame enough to bow the shoulders of the greatest emperor on earth; be content."

    Aslan, Prince Caspian by CS Lewis

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