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    Question A burning question and some advice please

    Hey everybody!

    OK you guys. I hate to do this for a first post. But I have a burning question here {and sorry ahead of time to those in the abrahamic particular those who practice Christianity}. And this is it...

    Why do some pagans defend Jesus????...

    Before I go on with why I'm asking that let me explain a few things...

    My beliefs are somewhat eclectic. My mother's family was Episcopal and I was baptized in the Episcopal church. My father's family was Latin Rite Catholic and my stepfather is Latin Rite Catholic {Pre Vatican II}. I have always had a fascination with mythology and folkore from a very young age. In 1997 I began studying paganism in earnest and I have incorporated a few things from Christianity into my pagan beliefs {in particular the Virtues and Deadly Sins and
    the belief in angels}. I was born with cerebral palsy and one of the main reasons that I converted to paganism had to do with the accounts of miraculous healing in the New Testament. The true reason and how those accounts have impacted their views toward those who are handicapped from birth. For those who aren't aware. Most of these accounts center around people with physical disabilities and other physical conditions {the those who had paralysis in the legs were called back then...and the blind...come up in these accounts}. Christians like to claim that those healings were conducted out of a sense of compassion. But rather than that...I believe that those lame, blind, lepers and others who were healed...were people who asked to be able to join his flock and were told something like "sure you can...but you have to be healed first". I realize that there are accounts of miraculous healings in faiths other than Christianity {see the Native American legend "Scarface" for another example}. But none of those tales are used to justify excluding those with disabilities from birth from becoming a practicing shaman etc etc. Where as in the case of Christianity {although christian clergy will never admit this}...their accounts of miraculous healing are used as a basis for discouraging those with disabilities from birth from entering the clergy and taking an active part in it. I already knew {somewhat} what the attitude toward those with birth disabilities is like {ie the "I will pray for you" thing}. But the bigger problem is that the number of physically challenged in the christian clergy {both Protestant and Catholic} is in the single digits. Two of those {Faustina Kowalska and Solanus Casey given name Bernard Casey...were exploited...Solanus Casey for instance had a learning disability...and barely made it through Seminary...his superiors were looking for reasons to deny him ordination and realizing that they couldn't find any justification for doing so...ordained Solanus Casey but didn't allow him to lead a mass or given confession...Faustina Kowalska was autistic...she was permitted to take the veil...but she was moved to different convents over several years and treated as a servant}. And then there's the vandalism of the Jarusalem temple...which christians refer to as "the cleansing of the temple" {this despite the fact that christians call Jesus the "prince of peace"}...

    So here's why I'm asking this...

    I have an acquaintance who is also pagan. He doesn't get out very often and may be thinking with a sense of naivete as a result because he isn't in contact with too many people. Awhile back he posted something on Facebook that went along the lines of "traditional Jesus or Republican Jesus?". The furthest I'll go into my reply is to say that I said that I consider Jesus problematic {which I do}. Recently during a chat with him on FB Messanger...this conversation about Jesus came up. I basically explained my beef with Jesus concerning the whole miraculous healing thing. And his response was "that's probably an artifact of the period" {I'm actually very worried about him because of this...among other things...which is another thing entirely}...

    Any thoughts????
    Get back to me,

    PS: Sorry for the color change and size increase. Sight impairment.
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