I hope this is in the right place! Dropped a comment in the introduction megathread a minute ago saying hi

Anyway, so, the main reason I decided to search for a forum like this was to try and find an answer to a question I've had for at least a year now.

I have a Celtic Trinity Knot pendant that I did a little off the cuff ritual for, praying to some of the Tuatha De Danann and beseeching them, if they saw fit, to bless this stupid little mortal's pendant. My girlfriend says she can feel energy coming from it, and so can I. My question, though, is regarding the title. Every now and then the necklace just moves on its own. I don't really understand what is going on when it does that and I was hoping that some others that are more practiced than I could spitball some theories as to what sort of thing may be going on here?

Like, is it just overflowing with power (doubt it)? Reacting to some sort of environmental or emotional stimuli? Whatever blessed it reminding me it exists? It's really strange! I've tried to explain it away with like, oh, maybe I twitched a neck muscle or something, but I can never get it to make the same motions purposefully.