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Thread: Relationships extending beyond this life...

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    Lightbulb Relationships extending beyond this life...

    A person recently came into my life and I'm convinced there is a spiritual connection between us. I've done some research and I've come up with thinks like Kindred Spirits, Soulmates, Twin Flames, Twin Souls, and the like. While Twin flame seems to be the closest and most accurate to our relationship, I wanted to know what other examples personal spiritual connections exist within various pagan spiritualities.
    I wanted to identify as a Norse Pagan for a time and am obviously curious about what other Heathens and Norse Pagans have to say about this kind of connection. I'm also curious about everyone's individual experiences with relationships of this type.
    A couple notes I feel might be important:
    -We've known each other for a year and felt familiar instantly (As if we've known each other before or for a long time).
    -Many facets of our personalities seem to mirror each other's.
    -There is essentially no one who we "vibe" with better than each other. This has been expressed and discussed at length. We've confirmed that it's not just catering to the conversation or the other person. It's genuine.

    Yeah... shoot!

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    Re: Relationships extending beyond this life...

    There isn't alot of variation between human beings. Couple standard deviations from the mean. A strong connection may be the vast biological and environmental commonality we share, and consider how thoroughly improbable it a vacuum...for that to be the case by any means. Maybe it's your spirits...but maybe it's every fiber of your living and natural beings.

    Cool either way. It so nice to find mr or ms right. Took me a few tries.
    (i was convinced every time, lol)
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