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Thread: Hello All!

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    Hello All!

    New here and really hoping to connect with some kind and like-minded people. I was raised Catholic but rebelled against that at around age 13 or 14. Being raised in a religion based on guilt is no picnic. From there, I never really knew where I "fit in" so to speak but was always attracted to witchery and many pagan beliefs. Most recently, I have read and studied about Gnosticism which for some reason resonates with me. I mainly believe that the divine is in all nature and when I pray it is very personal and to the Mother Goddess. Really looking forward to making some friends and exchanging some ideas.
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    Re: Hello All!

    Greetings and welcome.

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    Re: Hello All!

    Quote Originally Posted by Eryx_UK View Post
    Greetings and welcome.
    Thank you very much!

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    Re: Hello All!

    Welcome aboard.

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    Re: Hello All!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhythm View Post
    Welcome aboard.
    Thank you!

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