I'm going to tell you my horrible experience with the Tarot & Lenormand Facebook Group Community:

I was very miserable in both of those Facebook Group Community. Members of my very first tarot group got nasty to me after I said that I read tarot cards in my mind. They were very closed-minded and said that my mind tarot reading isn't legitimate. I asked how do you know that my mind tarot method isn't legitimate? Have you ever tried it before? I've been doing mind tarot reading for 12 years and all the reading I've done with this method has proved to be informative, accurate, and legitimate. So I left that group. Even the Lenormand community didn't treat me well. When I start posting my mind Lenormand reading in their group, the admin wanted me to discontinue it because they're not open to it so I stop posting it. So I use physical Lenormand reading. When I post a friend's mental illness people were making a big deal about it and said it was inappropriate so they report my post. So anyway there was this one tarot group that I got along with everybody banned me for no reason. I ask the admin about it and he told me that other people complained that I harrassed them in Messenger which isn't even true. I never talk to anyone on Messenger. And in there this woman in a tarot group that I help to interpret the cards in my own words and meaning here. She got nasty and called me the N-word. That was the final straw with these groups. So now you know the real truth on why I have a bad experience with these groups.