I thought I'd post this for someone because he doesn't have a clue what's going on and this person doesn't believe in magic or gods, anything supernatural. He decided to play around with the Ouija board. He didn't research enough about it. He was even told not to use it alone unless he had someone more experienced with him. He obviously didn't take that person's advice and now i'm having to deal with it which is too much on my plate because this is new to me.

The spirit seems to have gone now, which is good thing in a way.

I'm going to list his mental state and physical state.

1. Endless nightmares, bizarre dreams. (This seems to have stopped)

2. Restless sleep.

3. loss of appetite. (I'm going to say he was frightened, he is eating pretty well now)

4. Numbness.

5. Aches on the back of his neck.

6. It seems he is suffering from a fever.

After he used the Ouija board he never banished and went straight to sleep and that's when he had felt something doing something to his neck. Which kind of explains the numbness but not the fever. Pins and needless on his forehead usually near the temples. His veins have reduced but i can't tell if its because he smokes regardless it doesn't seem like there's blood pumping through. I can barely feel his heart beat but there is a pulse though. He has been living like this for at least a year.

I placed sea salt in each corner of his room. I've also smoked with white sage and he felt happy for a while but it doesn't seem like I'm doing enough. I have no idea where or who to turn to.

If you have any advice. I'd appreciate it.