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Thread: Drawing over doorways

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    Drawing over doorways

    A friend of mine daughter drew what her decribes as stick people over all the doors in house and has had nothing but had luck will the curse follow you or does it only works in the house

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    Re: Drawing over doorways

    We're going to need more information, but that just sounds like a kid drawing on walls and not an insidious witch cursing the house. Magic can be done on accident, but we generally like to assign average, normal, everyday explanations before magical solutions. I personally wouldn't expect that to be a house curse. It may just be that this is a stressful time for your friend and the added difficulty of their daughter misbehaving is driving them a little daft; which is understandable, parenting is hard and the world is kinda shite right now.

    If I wanted to curse I home I wouldn't bother drawing signs on all the doors. Historically witches use powders or charms on, or buried under, the door step (the stoop or threshold) or in the corners outside. It would be short sighted to curse one's own home.

    If you're really very worried about it, you can preform a ritual to purify the space. If you're inclined to christianity, many of the psalms are excellent to utilize in this type of magic, flip through and find some that seem applicable. Light a candle and move through each room, holding the light so you can shine it over things. Then you can recite your psalm of choice, otherwise ask the light to chase away any bad luck. Finish by saying this place is peaceful and protected. Repeat for every room and hallway, and treat entrances from outside as rooms of their own.

    You could also try a general luck spell to counter any bad vibrations. This is a tough time for people so it's important to be there for your friends and support one another. If misbehaving is a habitual problem for the daughter then your friend may want to look into family therapy. Children need support and understanding too.
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    Re: Drawing over doorways

    Every one of my kids drew on the walls. It's the kind of curse we'd all be lucky to have, if it's curse. Whatever bad luck your friend has, a daughter isn't it.

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