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Thread: Winter storm

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    Re: Winter storm

    We had somewhere around 7"-8" of snow during the Valentine's Day Massacre snowstorm; waiting for another 8" overnight tonight. Oklahoma is a young state... official weather records only go back to 1890. But so far this winter, we've managed to not just break but absolutely shatter just about every record (example, the air temp, not the wind chill, was -16F at 7:00 this morning). Plus the electric companies are doing rolling blackouts of up to two hours (and yes, they've shut down power to the local water plant), and the natural gas company is threatening to do the same.

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    Re: Winter storm

    We got a few inches of snow - hard to tell how much because of drifts. Temps hit -8 last night which is the lowest in 130 years, according to what I'm reading. I'm REALLY looking forward to the 50-something temps predicted for a week from now.

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    Re: Winter storm

    nj got a bit of that and more to come next few days,though it is 45 right now
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