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Thread: Rush Limbaugh Is Dead

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    Rush Limbaugh Is Dead

    To be fair. I don't feel sad about this person passing because he doesn't deserve any condolences from me. Also, he's an evil man saying that gay men with AIDS deserved to die from his repulsive radio show. Sorry but not sorry. You can agree or disagree with my personal feeling about this guy. I don't care.

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    Re: Rush Limbaugh Is Dead

    Limbaugh has gone to meet his maker.

    I hope they have a long talk about expectations for human decency.
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    Re: Rush Limbaugh Is Dead

    he may burn for eternity and i shell not shed a single tear for this "broken" human?
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    Re: Rush Limbaugh Is Dead

    Meh, I mostly find dancing on graves to be bad form and Rush isn't the relatively specific breed of monster that I make exceptions for. That said, while I'm not intending to cheer his death. I'm not in any great rush to mourn him either.
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    Re: Rush Limbaugh Is Dead

    I'm usually one to agree, but Limbaugh would celebrate AIDS deaths on air, so this just feels loke fair turnabout

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    I'm usually one to agree, but Limbaugh would celebrate AIDS deaths on air, so this just feels loke fair turnabout

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