Hi everyone, I hope this forum is still active!

I have dabbled with Paganism/Wiccan-ism(?) my whole life but as Iíve gotten older Iím looking how to bring it into my daily life and my home.

I am an avid tarot lover and tarot love has been in my family for a while, both Grandmaís read the cards and both my parents did too. My Mom has given me some lovely decks (Mermaid tarot by dame darcy and circo tarot by marisa de la pena).

Astrology also plays a big part in my life and I do Ďritualsí (a.k.a a bit of journaling) each full and new moon.

Iím very active on the long hair community which is where I discovered this forum (both vBulletin) and I find the best way to learn is from other people, so Iím excited to start my browsing.