Hey everyone. So anyway a friend of mine on Facebook who happen to be non-binary and a Christian who support the LGBT Community made a Facebook post that they were banned in 3 Christian Facebook Groups because these groups are homophobic. I was like these Facebook groups are straight crap. This goes of my question of wondering why did I rejoin Christianity. So anyway I converted back to Christianity in 2016. I haven't gone to church since last year by the time the pandemic has started. My church service is in Zoom but I stopped going to church service because it just got boring. Ever since I rejoin Christianity I just really the question is even the right faith for me. I believe in God yes but I just realized that Christianity is so misguided with hypocrisy. For example, many Christians are still against the LGBT community. They believe the earth is flat. They oppose science and divination. They oppose a lot of things which they haven't changed at all. This makes me wonder why did I even rejoin Christianity again.