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    Re: New here

    This thread is all over the place.

    Sex magic is a thing and it's all about raising energy in a specific way. Some folks believe that it's more powerful because of the carnal emotions involved. This ace thinks that it doesn't really matter how you raise the energy, so long as it gets the job done. Masturbation engages the same canal emotions as sex, when you get down to it. The only thing different between masturbation and sex is intimacy. If you don't think it's the basic carnal emotions, then the power is coming from the intimacy and you don't need sex for that.

    Book recommendations: Penczaks Temple series is my go to recommendation. I'm fairly confidant in my craft and still not all the way through the series. They take you from the basics to complex spell work.

    Public ritual. Yes, this is a thing. I wouldn't consider it performative. Usually public rituals are either educational or intended to gather lots of energy for massive spell work. I've done lots of both. Many public rituals that I've hosted have been through my local CUUPs group. Many of the public rituals I've attended were through pagan festivals.

    Psychic vampires: Whether it's real or not is a different discussion. Assuming it's real, vampirism is inherently parasitic. There isn't a good side to it. If your (general you) draining only the bad, that's a heck of a lot of bad you're taking in and making a part of you, which will eventually lead to negative actions on your part.
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    Re: New here

    Thank you all for responding to me. Sacred texts is a perfect online rescource for my searches, this vampire codex one i read quite a bit of it. I am likening the study to a topic i heard of in a sermon called " psychic soul ties" by an inspiring fem preacher called Dwyer. I think it was her.
    As i understand it, the sex forms a bond between the lovers energetically, a soul tie. Thankfully i am able at times to use my beautiful mind as a sort of collander or sieve, and strain out the semi-precious chunks of beauty from a sticky pap of rhetoric. Dwyer is actually a fantastic speaker, someone taught her that old story about the vessel and the stones and the water, you know to explain love? She gives a great talk on it, with a twist on her godtrip.

    I am in poor health generally and looking to blame something, also how to fix myself so the soul tie concept is appealing. It makes a certain sense. The psychic vampire establishes this type of link with a "donor" as they are called in the (above) codex. The energy flows from donor to vamp, when the vamp chooses. The vamp merely uses visualization to enable the link. I think the author lies about this a purpose, and likely the bricks and mortar of the link are precious gifts and spellcraft items and the like.

    In my case the former lover is often the subject of a masturbation fantasy. If (fap=masturbation) fap is a type of sex magic, then i am hurting myself by it and feeding a person many miles away. If there is such a thing, and thats difficult to tell. Sometimes i believe in supernatural things more than others, its confusing.

    I have not yet found described, a secular method for the afflicted individual to sever such a tie, if one exists at all. I think the christians dissapprove of fap, generally. I know that they mostly regard casual sex as a sin. Dwyer and others reccomend prayer to sever the tie.

    I understand the call of the darkside now. I am only barely middle aged, under fifty. I remember always having plants indoors at a happier time, perhaps i will try that again. I would be easy to convince of anything that promised to help, at least sometimes i would. Other times i feel more moral or noble or something.

    In general i think many strange and concieted things, it comes from isolation as a policy and an open mind, a voracious appetite for knowledge, and lots of free time.

    I was trying to explain to someone about magic upon oneself being, at best highly inefficient, and in many ways impossible. I used the pick up the chair that you are sitting in description. I have many such strange ideas, some of them contradict eachother. I also think there is something that i call the invisible mirror, so that if i project hateful images of a fiery doom upon a certain pumkin colored fascist or instance, then that dark energy is reflected back on me, distorted like. So i try and stay love focused, and gratitude trip.

    Also it seems i believe in the aether concept, that we are all swimming in a type of fluid. To heal a person takes a group, so that i and my friends can push back this jello like substance, blow a bubble around the person, while you as the more masterful alter the patient's energy field.

    Sometimes it seems that altering an energy field to heal someone is like tuning a guitar and trying to warp the neck back to straight.

    This would explain why sometimes faith healing has dramatic results, sometimes the circle of support is effective in casting a sphere of seperation around the patient, while mostly its not.

    So what if ole whats her name did something to me, and i reaffirm it with what i do? Its poss right that my faptime is actually a magic werking? Are these soulties a concept that has legitimacy outside the above mentioned source? I bet that they are, i think alot of bible thumpers get the esoteric stuff from a source like this board, then give it a paint job and sell it as thier own.

    Does anyone remember " mark profit, and his book called the lost teachings of jesus? I should proly throw it out, the guy is a nut job. He had a brain tumor when he wrote 2 or three volumes of his magnum opus, i have vol 1. Ethically should i destroy something i regard as false teaching? Is selling it like selling rotten fruit? Any takers? Its got some cool plates in it. I am willing to ship it, have no clue how the modern folk do all that, but i have a paypal accnt. Is that the right one? Paypal allows you to pay me doesnt it? Can i sell you a book or a walking stick or stones or something and then give you the paypal number? Sorry if i am wierd, sometimes the meds have odd effects, there is so much i dont know, i have been alone and isolated for a longtime now.

    Thank you all for you kindness and support may the warm and fragrant breezes of Oregon in Spring, drift to you, wherever you are, as you smile and think of geese, and rhinoculus, and lilac, and the great laurels in bloom, and a million diferent shades of green....

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    Re: New here

    Quote Originally Posted by Skittlebisquit View Post
    .. Sometimes i see in my mind something that looks like a rope made of light that eminates from the chakra points in front and goes to other points on the body, rather than straight out, it may be just my imagination, i idk
    Just a quick note here but in the Chakra system you have major and minor chakra's. The Major Chakra's are usually said to align with the spine. The minor or lessor chakra's are typically shown to be like wheels that are spoked off the main ones and located at the lessor joints in the body. Basically found in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and sometimes some say even at the very lessor junctions of the fingers and toes joints.
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