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Thread: Anti-Semitic?

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    Is criticism is the Jewish nation, Israel, anti-Semitic?
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    Re: Anti-Semitic?

    No. Israel is a state made up of people. Like all states made up of people, it will at times indulge in idiotic and/or immoral behavior. Calling them on it is no more or less special than calling the US or the UK out on their bouts of stupidity/immorality. Anti-semites will criticize Israel but accusing everyone who criticizes Israel of being anti-Semitic does no favors to anyone except politicians and lobbyists trying to rally support with cheap tricks.
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    Re: Anti-Semitic?

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    Re: Anti-Semitic?

    Short answer, imo no. Longer answer, it depends but probably not. Let's reframe this with a different religion adjacent political institution, the Catholic church. If I say that "the Catholic church had systemic policies that inhibit the rights and advancement of women in their organization," this is not anti-catholic because it does not make judgements or biases against any people, but instead is an observation or criticism of an institution's policies. The institution is made of Catholics, one could even argue that the policy comes from a place of Catholic culture, but criticism of this policy does not make one anti-catholic. Does your criticism of Israel derive from any specific Jewish identity, or derive from any bias against the Jewish people? Or is it instead criticism which would be leveraged against any political entity in a similar position? To what degree does the latter interact with the former in the policies of Israel, that is to what degree does being a Jewish state impact their foreign policy?

    The specific instances of the formation of the state of Israel are, imo, complicated and open to some level of debate, moral or otherwise. I am sympathetic to the desire to form an ethnic state in the Homeland of ones people and feel that Israel has the right to exist. I am also however against bombing of children. Actually, im just sort of against bombing in general, but especially in the context of Israel's aggressive expansion.

    One could argue that the existence and continued aggression of the state of Israel is a continuation of the exploitation of the middle east by western colonial powers. One could also argue that Israel's profound military presence and "offensive defense" are justified both given the tumultuous political environment of the region and the persecuted history of the Jewish people. Neither of these are pro or anti jewish sentiments, but historiographic and political ones. While Israel cannot, and should not, be divorced from it's Jewish identity, this does not make Israel a voice for all Jews, nor does it make their political decisions Jewish in nature.
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    Re: Anti-Semitic?

    Isreal isn't a jewish nation.

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