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Thread: Unexplainable events?

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    Unexplainable events?

    Have you ever had an experience that you believe can not be explained?

    If so, what was that experience?
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    Re: Unexplainable events?

    A couple of isolated vivid hallucinations which could not be accounted for with any factor I was aware of. A degree in psychology and an amount of therapy later and I doubt I could attribute it to mental illness either. Like it's possible it could be isolated episodes of hysteria, possibly brought on by my pagan religious beliefs, but that doesn't seem likely in my opinion.

    When I was fourteen I was in bed and saw a white light, maybe the size of a basket ball, which hovered around where I had my altar for about a minute. I was filled with terror, but I couldn't say if that was because of something inherent to the object or just the strangeness of the experience. Physiologically I could explain this with sleep paralysis, though the hallucination itself doesn't really fit with that. It was farther off and wasn't particularly distinct. I don't believe it was a dream either. This never happened there again so I think environmental phenomenon, like a car reflecting through a window in a weird way or carbon monoxide, are responsible.

    When I was sixteen or seventeen I think, I was writing something about a deity and had a queer feeling that it wasn't right. Then a glass cabinet across the room from me exploded. There was no warning, nothing touched it, no one else was even in the house except my step mother who was on the other side of the house, and it shattered with such force that it threw bits of glass six or seven feet. The explanation my family settled on was that vibrations from cars on the street, which was a suburban street and not especially busy, gradually created microfractures in the glass until it exploded. That is certainly ...possible, but that would be incredibly unlikely right? It also seems weird that it would shatter multiple pieces of glass all at once.

    There are other things in much less able to adequately defend. It's not that these are fundamentally unexplainable, most things can be if given enough leeway and the mind is malleable in remembrance and perception, it's just that I don't believe the explanation.
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    Re: Unexplainable events?

    in the navy we picked up an object in radar,i was doing a radar watch,and i went down to the deck watch to see it live with high powered benocks and the object was making serious moves on the horision so i can say it was a ufo
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