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Thread: Unidentified Arial Phenomenon?

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    Re: Unidentified Arial Phenomenon?

    Quote Originally Posted by MaskedOne View Post
    It could also be an Air Force project that is still tightly classified. We tend to lose sight of it due to the hilarious number of Intel leaks over the past few years but every once in a while, the government can actually keep a secret. If a project is classified high enough then departments investigating odd phenomena may never actually be read in on the fact some of what they're seeing has a very legit explanation and that explanation is above their pay grade.
    I could see that.

    I would so like it to be something outrageous, though. Something utterly mad to round out my life experiences... In an infinite universe, anything that can happen inevitably will, ya know.

    Might as well happen while I'm looking.
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    Re: Unidentified Arial Phenomenon?

    Here is my photo of an Unidentified Flying Object:

    It's a four-second long-exposure. It's been analysed casually by a whole bunch of UFO enthusiasts and received around 7000 views before I was forced to take it down and delete the metadata. The only thing they could come up with was a drone making a 90 degree turn much closer to the camera than it appears to be.
    I was pressured into giving away the copywrite though by MUFON. I refused to do that because I value art of the divine feminine also. I don't just treat it like trash for a non-earthly fetish. The MUFON guy that wrote to me was also publicly listed as an Intelligence Agent. Whatever it was; my life started going south in a weird way - a confluence of stuff which makes me believe that it was able to see a lot about a person and events on a big scale before they happen. The insight was more than just malevolent also. We do see a bit of that with big Tek occultism in certain way which I don't see a solely money-seeking corporation being. I have hope.
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