Hope everyone is doing well.
(I Do want to note that Tobacco contains nicotine, is addictive and proven to be harmful to health and wellness)

A few years ago I relocated to Florida, and had a heck of a time getting my footing as a gardener. It was a mixture of fun and frustration learning how to cultivate soil for some of the simplest veggies I would grow up north, but one thing has been fun, and now rewarding Tobacco.

Now I'm not much of a smoker, but after my first successful run at growing, and drying my wife bought me a pipe as an early birthday gift, and I enjoy it quite a bit. I restrict my smoking to an evening or two after dinner during the week, and my newly beloved Sunday morning smoke in the flower garden.

Not only do I enjoy my own tobacco but I've discovered that unlike many other things pipe tobacco has maintained and unbroken wholistic, and artisnal culture for hundreds of years. So far I've enjoyed tobaccos from Virginia, Georgia, Maine, Ireland, and England each with there own unique qualities.

So about any of you? Enjoy the occasional, or regular pipe?