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Thread: There's Some Drama Going On In Tarot Nerds Facebook Group

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    There's Some Drama Going On In Tarot Nerds Facebook Group

    Hey everyone. Today I feel like I need to talk to everybody about the Tarot Facebook Group that I was in. The name of the Tarot Facebook Group is called Tarot Nerds. I have been in this group for a few months and it's a very large group. There was some drama going on in one of the posts in the group which happened yesterday. Someone made a post to discuss the ethics of a tarot reading which that person mentioned that there were so many Tarot Youtubers who read influencers without their permission which was unethical. Of course, I did respond to the post. Other people responded to the post and things got real heated and ugly that people start to argue with nasty name-calling and serious conflicts with each other. I wasn't even part of their argument. Then the admin responded that this is supposed to be a respectful and safe group and she closes the post in further review which I pretty much doubt that she's going to reopen again. I'm just going to tell you my thoughts about the whole situation that went down, first off, I knew something like this was going to happen because I've been to so many Tarot Facebook Groups and it's always a drama-fest within this community. Second, it was somewhat controversial due to the topic that was discussed in the post. Third, I wasn't really surprised about how this group reacts even though it's a rarity to start a huge conflict in this group. I hope there won't be any more drama and conflict in the future but I wouldn't hold my breath for this one.
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