Hello! I'd stumbled across this forum a few times while searching for various topics and decided to join.
I tend to be shy (even online) but I thought it a tad rude to join and to not at least make my presence known. So hello! I look forward to seeing everyone's perspectives here.
I go by RavenMoon in some online spaces, but if you've met another RavenMoon online, that's probably not me (like I said, I tend to shyness).
I come from Ontario, Canada.

I found myself on a pagan path in my childhood due to my belief in animism, a direct connection to spirit, and inclination towards multiple pantheons.
That and my belief in the perceived magic of the moon, stars, the earth and its elements, nature spirits, the possibility of past lives and other realms, and finally magic, seemed to blend together well with my pagan tendencies. That naturally led me to research such topics as witchcraft, Wicca, and Druidry.
I've considered myself a pagan witch for much of my life, though I do wonder if that is the best description of my beliefs and spiritual/magical practice. I often lean more into something of a devotional nature-based spirituality that focuses on connection to my spirits and the spirits of the land/elements.
In any case, it's nice to meet you all!