So anyway this is a very serious rant that I feel to need to make this thread. So anyway there's this YouTuber who goes by the name of DenoxSeries who I know in real life. Denoxseries post video game content on YouTube. I'll be friends with him since we were kids. The reason why I've had to cut off my friendship with him is due to multiple allegations that come to light. It was all started in 2020 when he was exposed for being a child predator by another YouTuber by the name of The Over Reactor (AKA TOR). They got into a drama war against each other. Of course, I defended Denoxseries and give him a benefit of the doubt that he didn't do this. It been going on for quite a while until TOR left on YouTube. So anyway months went by and there was more drama with other YouTube's that they re-uploaded the Denox Vs. TOR videos. After more allegations come to light. I even hex Denox because they trick me and requested to do it. That is what I feel indecision and feeling conflicted about if I want to continue to defend and associated with Denoxseries. So I decided to cut ties from Social Media. Ban him on my Discord Server and no longer want to support and be friends with him. Here's a video of Denoxseries confession: