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Thread: Invoking the Divine

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    Invoking the Divine

    In Wicca-style witchcraft a big part of ritual is invoking the divine, calling upon the God and Goddess or whatever specific deity you choose to work with. I don't really feel comfortable working with anything labeled God. So up until now I have just skipped that part but I feel like it may have been detrimental to my workings because I never called upon spirit to join me as I call upon the air, earth, water, and fire. I am not very good writing my own things yet, or at least not very confident, and I can't find much about Invoking the Divine as THE spirit, aether, akasha, etc. The ALL that is everywhere and inside you. I am hoping someone here will be able to help me find the words to call and show proper respect to the element spirit, after I have called in the quarters. I would like to show spirit a bit more reverence than the other elements but without using god or goddess representations.

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    Re: Invoking the Divine

    What is Spirit to you?

    Is it some form of genderless divinity (i.e. Menol from The Craft just so I can use 90s movie references)

    Is it one element in five

    Is it the Force and maybe/maybe not a divinity (opinions are mixed as to whether the Force has a consciousness)

    What it is will determine how you do this.
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    Re: Invoking the Divine

    Don't be overly concerned with hierarchies of non-physical entities. These are human attempts to define things that don't match human categories.

    It's easier if you think of them as a single thing that shows you the "parts" (qualities) that you want to see (this isn't how it works in a literal sense, but it's the best approximation I can give you).

    That being the case, the question I would ask myself is "What do I need to do what I want to do?" and then "Can I do it?"
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