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Thread: Future of pagans?

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    Re: Future of pagans?

    I'd seriously ask whether paganism is a minority anymore, specifically in that the overwhelming majority of self professed christians now also self profess pagan beliefs. As in nine out of ten. There was always more than a little bit of truth to the christian witch-doctors complaint that contemporary neo-paganism was subversive.

    By 2070, I think the two largest responses will be "none" and "spiritual". Which is to say that the reamaining space left in a secular and skeptical zeitgeist will be taken up by recognizably pagan beliefs. Christianity has -already- been subsumed demographically by contemporary spirituality in the US - and the matter will only become more and more apparent as whatever remaining christians responding to polls are younger and younger.

    My children, for example - a product of a pagan and born again pairing.... don't recognize a difference between the two...and it drives their very fundy grandparent nuts.

    Captain Planet, Bill Nye, My Little Ponies. Sustainable energy, regenerative agriculture, recycling. The window of belief for salvation by vicarious redemption has closed. Whether we triumph now has to do with work, and natural work. Those aren't great conditions for traditional western theism...and the last century hasn't been kind to traditional theism to begin with.
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