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Thread: Astral projection through the Fylgja and Fylgjakonna

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    Astral projection through the Fylgja and Fylgjakonna

    I just wondered if anyone here had developed a relationship with a Fylgja(Animal shaped spirit) and a Fylgjakonna(feminine or masculine shaped spirit) which exist in the heart and mind. I have learned to meditate deeply and then shape shift into my Fylgja, A raven, and 'fly' to many strange and wonderous places. Can any of you do this?

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    Re: Astral projection through the Fylgja and Fylgjakonna

    I've never heard those specific terms before, but yes, this is something many people do. Spirit journeys are a practice in many forms of witchcraft and shamanism derived practice. Astral projection and remote viewing, both modern forms of this relatively ancient belief, refer to the idea that the spirit or soul can go out from the body to experience and observe things in the physical or spiritual world while the body remains in place. It presupposes a number of things, but has historically been a relatively common idea, especially in Europe.

    My spirit form is also a bird, no brownie points for guessing, though over time it becomes clear that the spirit body is mutable and that one's form is really a matter of preference. I induce an altered state of consciousness using music and meditation, sometimes also alcohol- which is about 60-40 on helping or hindering the process. It's not a tool I use often though.
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    Re: Astral projection through the Fylgja and Fylgjakonna

    I rarely envibe or consume substances as they are a crutch and often times socially toxic, though I do drink on occasion.

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