I'll be straight with you, anxiety is truly awful and hard to swallow. I was diagnosed with clinical anxiety(generalized anxiety disorder) after getting therapy for suicidal ideation. Anxiety is similar to depression in that it is a lingering feeling of irrational fear, stress, and self loathing. You can learn to cope with it little by little, you can take St Johns wort for one as it will change your brain chemistry harmlessly, just makes it easier to regulate emotion at the cost of being photosensitive, occasional headaches and no seizures. You can also let go of any attitudes that make you feel small and weak, as these attitudes will only tear you down and inflict further misery. View yourself in as positive a light as you can, remind yourself of what you have accomplished and what you have that is good. Finally if you have an anxiety attack, and I stress this point DON'T BE ALONE!!! have someone near by to stop you from self harming and to be there for you.

Life with GAD is possible, and it will get easier with the right attitude and the right approach, love yourself is the first step. Next is forgiveness, and then last is a healthy sense of self.