I would like to tell the story of the time I sacrificed to my patron god Vili and reveal what happened because I feel it is important. I was working to develop my own philosophy and asked Vili, a god associated with inspiration for a blessing. What happened that night was frightening and intense.

I hallowed a Heineken and offered it to him for a blessing of inspiration. I libated after a period of three days and that night, the following events occured. First, my elder brothers cat, who btw is a very close friend and would never hiss at me began doing so. Not long after I went to lay down, I felt my heart rate increase and I had intense sweating. I was mumbling aloud to myself in an intense fit of raging thoughts and feelings. I could hear the sound of a clacking keyboard in the distance and in the morning my mind was full and I emptied the thoughts onto several documents on my computer.

Watcha all think? a genuine blessing as I had asked for.