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Thread: QE2 Passed

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    QE2 Passed

    Queen Elizabeth II has passed at 96.
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    Re: QE2 Passed

    She was Queen before I was born, and I'm 65. It's really pretty amazing how she held up to the challenges of such a long "career", as it were. She was a walking encyclopedia of thoroughbred racing, which I love and am involved in, so I always liked that about her. I wish that Charles had been allowed to be with Camilla way back in the first place and spared Diana the entire ordeal - but then we wouldn't have William, Harry, and the successors to the crown (William's children). The timeline of eternity makes some moves that seem odd at the time but they produce something later on. It's going to seem odd to call him King Charles now after a lifetime of Prince.

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    Re: QE2 Passed

    I feel so sad. I'm 40 and she was queen when I was born. She was an amazing queen and there were many things that she did that changed this world. She will be missed greatly.

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