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    New to The Forums

    Hello, my name is Peter (he/him). I've been practicing witchcraft/paganism for maybe around 3-4 years now? I am 14 (minor) so it hasent been too long. I'd say im a novice-intermediate witch. I dont really have any specific practices that I mostly practice. Like, im not a divination witch, or sea witch. Im ecelectic witch basically. But anyways, I enjoy drawing, researching, and many other things that would take to long to type lol.

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    Re: New to The Forums

    Welcome here, Ghosty! Nice to meet you!
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    Re: New to The Forums

    Welcome Aboard!

    The general forums are relatively quiet but a number of us path through pretty frequently so if you have something you want to talk about, toss up a thread.

    If you go to reply to older threads that have been inactive a while, there is generally a warning letting you know its an old thread that will pop up at some point. It is not an absolute ban on posting in that thread. It exists primarily because in years past we had a few too many cases where a mildly time senstive question was asked and then months after the fact, the thread in question was necroed. The warning is there to let you know, "hey, this topic has been inactive for a while, the original participants may not be interested/active/breathing. Do you want to continue?"

    If you want to reply to an actual locked thread (as opposed to just being old enough to get a "this is old" warning) then send a PM to a staff member (Juniper and I are probably your best bets for a fast response right now). Most actual locked threads are autolocked and can be opened on request. If thread was locked by an angry staff member then we probably won't unlock it but threads locked by raging mod or admin are normally easy to identify by the last post in the thread. If the last post has an abundance of red, green or turquoise text telling people off for misbehaving and saying that the topic is closed then it was closed by angry staff. Otherwise, locked threads are probably autolocked and can be reopened on request.
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    Re: New to The Forums

    Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy it here!

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