We've had at various intervals ad-hoc threads and posts for how to get hold of staff assistance. I'm just replacing them with this post. Staff will edit the post as appropriate over time.

If you can log into the site and need assistance from staff then use one of the following options

1) If you believe a post or private message is in violation of the rules or otherwise requires staff review. Use the report button attached to that post or pm. This creates a thread in an isolated staff forum and sends an email notification to all staff.
2) If you have a topic that you want to broach with the staff in general then use the Staff Comms subforum. Threads in Staff Comms are only visible to their originator and staff members.
3) You can always send private messages to Staff members. Not all staff members are always active. There may be a delay in response. This is currently the slowest possible way to get our attention because only one of gets the pm and you are relying on the staff member in question to be active.

If you cannot log into the website for some reason, the password reset link does not work and the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page does not get a response then send an email to either

Support@paganforum.com or

Both of these should be currently active addresses. I'm closing and pinning this thread as it's only real purpose is to provide contact data.