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Thread: I Got Into Some Stupid Drama By Some Idiotic Bigot On YouTube

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    I Got Into Some Stupid Drama By Some Idiotic Bigot On YouTube

    So anyway a few days ago I made a YouTube Community Post about my error about the transgender female athlete ban and a bigot commented there he disagree with my post and that he was being transphobic. I didn't want to respond or even have an argument with this guy so I block him from my channel. So anyway I made a community post just a warning that I don't accept bigotry in my channel. You will be blocked. And this moron makes another YouTube account. So I block his second account. He continued to make multiple accounts he got 73 accounts and I only block 13 accounts just to harass me. He went insane to go to great lengths just to doxxed my personal information just to track me down and hurt me. I wanted to speak to him. And he wanted to delete my curse videos. I told him no deal and doxxed my information and come to my house. You're going to be in handcuffs by the police. I was being deadly serious. And then he said that he not going to hurt me he just wanted me to speak the truth and start to play "nice" and left me alone. This is a serious problem on YouTube that has been going on for years. All this stupid drama and no safety precautions on YouTube. This is also why I hate that site so much. I have thought about leaving YouTube but my supporters want me to reconsider staying on YouTube. After my 6,000 videos, I'm going to make my decision if I want to leave or stay on Youtube.

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    Re: I Got Into Some Stupid Drama By Some Idiotic Bigot On YouTube

    Just tell your supporters that there are other places to go to support you like TikTok. From what I hear TikTok isn't as bad. If they truly support you, then they will go with you. You'll find a lot of people will go over to other media sites if you explain why.

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