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Thread: How has your practice changed over the years?

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    How has your practice changed over the years?

    Inspired by one of the questions in the survey Corvus posted. Some of us have been here a long time; some of us have been practising some kind of spiritual thing for a long, long time.

    How's that changed for you over the years?

    (omg, look at me and my attempts at facilitating discourse!)
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    Re: How has your practice changed over the years?

    I think for me there are main functions that have changed.

    (1) I tend to do less so called magical workings. Spell work is very limited for me now. Not that I disbelieve in its capability / influence I just find that it is not a end all thing that I used to consider.

    (2) My usage of rituals / ceremonies has also declined. In part due to my own medical issues and aging. Cold weather, rain and mist tend to be more painful so they deter me from doing things. Most of my rituals / ceremonies used to be conducted outside for the most part so that was a considerable change. i still do some inside but the complexity and duration of them has diminished.

    (3) I tend to feel much less connected to the so called larger Pagan Community. Because of that loss of sensation I tend not to be as active on-line or even in real life groups. The so called external stimulations and interactions have diminished quite a bit. I think I've also become more unaccepting of things I see being pushed.

    (4) I think I have dropped a lot of the whistles and bells that went with things. I have places where I do ritual / ceremonies but the idea of in-depth altar's, ritual tools and trappings just sort of fell away over time. I suppose in a sense everything became more spiritual / emotional vice the physical and projecting mentality.

    All that aside I have not changed my beliefs regarding which divinities I am bound to and honor / worship. I still perform the same daily rituals of lighting candles, making devotions / offerings / libations.
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    Re: How has your practice changed over the years?

    I've gotten lazy about a number of things even by my own standards and should probably address that. I've never been overly big on ritual or obvious casting but I've gotten lazier and more apathetic than I used to be and should probably get of my *** but I need to do that in several areas of my life.

    I've also put less effort into tracking other pagan communities online which leaves my grasp of certain things somewhat stagnant.
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    Re: How has your practice changed over the years?

    I've also slacked off a lot, but my beliefs are unchanged. Today being Samhain, I loved that when I went on my walk, a lovely black kitty crossed my path from left to right.

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    Re: How has your practice changed over the years?

    It was comforting seeing similar responses. This is something I e been thinking about lately. I’m not the only one lol. My practice is definitely not the same since I first started. I’ve just become way more simplistic. On a good note, I have so many less worries as well. Health issues and moving along in years has changed everything. Especially the hormonal problems. Meditation and salt baths mean so much more to me now lol.

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