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Thread: Indoor/Outdoor herb garden

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    Re: Indoor/Outdoor herb garden

    I found this for us Michiganders. I think I am going to try Rosemary and Oregano this year. I also was debating on growing some sunflowers next to my driveway  9

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    Re: Indoor/Outdoor herb garden

    Oh I'm so glad to have found this thread!
    I have a rosemary plant in a pot because I don't have an outdoor garden and it's also too cold where I live. Anyway, it's looking rather well...sad... and pathetic lol I don't water it often, the book I have says rosemary doesn't need alot of watering. I water it maybe 3 times a week and it has a good draining system on the bottom of the pot. But is it normal for the leaves to go a kind of greyish color? They don't fall off or seem dead, they're not dry or anything, just go from green to grey. (FYI if you hadn't noticed, I'm a total retard when it comes to gardening!) Is that just the way it matures? Or am I torturing the poor plant somehow?

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