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Thread: 50 Facts About You

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    50 Facts About You

    Same rules as on the old forum. 50 facts about you, random or otherwise. Whatever. This thread used to be dead popular. Lets see how it goes this time.

    My Facts.

    1. The best description of me ever was said by my art teacher. She said that I am "Consistently Inconsistent".
    2. My favourite book and movie is Lord of the Rings.
    3. I want to do lots of volunteering because it seems really worth it in comparison to what I'm doing just now.
    4. I have learned a lot about myself lately, and not all good things either.
    5. Practically minded I am not.
    6. I live and breath creativity. If I wasn't making something in some way I would go insane.
    7. I go to the studio between 8-8.30am and leave between 10-11pm.
    8. Out of all the pieces I have made in the last year I have only liked two.
    9. I am making a blanket that has Tatty Teddy stitched on it. He is an adorable bear.
    10. My boyfriend has to share the bed with a mountain of cuddly toys.
    11. I will be the (stereotypical) man in any relationship because I can't cook, I'm ok with mess and I can't see past my nose.
    12. If I ever have kids I pray that they won't be anything like me.
    13. Waxing is the way forward. I get waxed once a month which means I am all hairy and gross for one week or so leading up to it.
    14. I hate being hairy and gross, makes me feel dead self-conscious.
    15. I've got to the stage where I really think I am pretty in the face. Love my features.
    16. Shame about my body.
    17. Loosing weight has made me go down a cup size. This makes me sad.
    18. I have a house bunny called Braken and a demented dog called Pepsi. Both beautiful, yet very dumb animals!
    19. I have been on pf for 5 years in June. Isn't that scary?
    20. I plan to save up loads of money so I can go travelling and tell no one where I am going till I'm there.
    21. Lately I have noticed a lot of similarities between me and my boyfriend. Its weird yet very comforting.
    22. I have a book with millions of quotations I want tattooed on me. So I can carry my moral code around with me.
    23. The only tattooed image I have ever wanted on me is a tree (which I am currently designing) to remind me that I can keep dreaming as long as I stay grounded.
    24. There is so much I want to do with my life, but I'm scared I'm going to stop myself for a number of reasons.
    25. I may not want my kids to be anything like me, but I do want kids. Just one, unless I have twins.
    26. My eyes and lips are the genetic traits I want passed down to my kids.
    27. I once got called a Nazi because I said i was fussy about who I had kids with because I want certain traits passed down.
    28. I freak out if anyone uses my embroiderer scissors for anything other than material and thread. I see them anywhere near paper and I will break knuckles *glares*
    29. Love is a weird concept to me. Trying to explain it in words is very difficult.
    30. I love my short blonde hair. Its rockin
    31. I show everything in my eyes. That is probably why they are so bright, because you can see all my emotions in my eyes.
    32. I find the lyric "lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don't confuse them with mountains" by Shakira (Whenever, Wherever) to be hysterical. Who wrote that?! Really :P
    33. Internet dating doesn't usually work and people should try meeting partners in reality first.
    34. The best relationships start with friendships.
    35. I am incredibly pro-choice, which is a real switch from a few years ago when I hated the idea of abortion.
    36. I'm ok with admitting I am wrong.
    37. I hate doing the wrong thing, it leads me into self-destruct mode.
    38. I always try and do the best thing for everyone else before doing the best thing for me. Which often leaves me feeling like crap, but I would feel worse if I looked after myself first.
    39. I don't like to limit myself career wise. I hate when people ask me what I want to do with my life because the answer will always be: "lots of things"
    40. In a past life I bet I was a cat! I'm lazy and like lots of attention :P
    41. Billy Connolly is a legend. FACT
    42. The other day I was thinking about when I get married and what I would like. I have a huge family but I don't want them all there. I'd have my mum, dad, two brothers, gran, grandad and my 3 best friends at my wedding. That is all I need.
    43. I had it pointed out by a certain member of pf that I type in Scottish! Lol. Love it.
    44. I say "bloody" a lot.
    45. I am a quotation sponge. I'll listen to a song once and I can sing it back to you. Read a book and I can quote parts back at you after one reading. Just a little thing I do.
    46. Still trying hard to find myself in this crazy head of mine. I'm a walking contradiction most of the time.
    47. You won't get a better friend than me. If you need me I'll be there ASAP. I am the glue like that. I fix everything.
    48. Working in catering makes me hate people.
    49. I'm a bit of an insomniac.
    50. I will do anything I possibly can to make the people I love happy.
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    Re: 50 Facts About You

    Fuck...50...that's half of a metric shit-ton of facts. All about me, huh?

    1 - I live in Vegas
    2 - I'm a geek. No, really, been working on computers for fifteen fucking years
    3 - I appreciate the value of a well-placed swearword
    4 - I'm an Atheist
    5 - I have used the nickname "Roknrol" for over fifteen years
    6 - Spent 4 years in the US Army
    7 - Believe that cheese is the greatest food ever invented
    8 - Enjoy using words that are uncommon, but recognized
    9 - Enjoy harmless forms of social engineering
    10 - Thoroughly enjoy riding my motorcycles (when my body allows it)
    11 - Have more computers in my house than living creatures
    12 - One dog, six cats, five fish, one teenager, one wife.
    13 - Enjoy my own company more than pretty much anyone else's.
    14 - Find that as I get older, the longer I want to live. And life fucking sucks, so that proves "instinct" is still alive and well...
    15 - Had serious self-esteem issues until discovering the theater (and fans)
    16 - Currently have an ego the size of Texas (with fewer Mexicans - sorry Medusa )
    17 - Thoroughly enjoy a good Spoonerism. (What's the difference between a woman in church, and a woman in the bathtub?)
    18 - Discovered that weed resolves about 2/3 of my personality disorders (as well as the chronic back pain that it was legally prescribed for, of course )
    19 - Am really good at pretty much everything when I first start, but my curve isn't a very steep one, so despite all of my hobbies, the only thing I'm really good at is working on these technological marvels that cause me so much pain and anguish.
    20 - Feel that I've grown more as a person since becoming an Atheist (as well as more of an asshole, to be sure), and have finally - after decades of searching - found a grain of "hope".
    21 - I have recently learned that attempting to come up with 50 facts about myself in a short period of time sounds much easier than it actually is.
    22 - Despise corn in all but one of it's forms: Popped.
    23 - Loathe salad even more, although salad doesn't actually make me ill.
    24 - A well-placed question can fuck up my entire day
    25 - A well-placed compliment can restore it
    26 - I tend to not really give a shit about what other people think about me. It's far more important what *I* think of me.
    27 - I consider myself extremely moral, ethical, and fair (but I bet most people think that they are too)
    28 - Find it difficult to focus on just one thing - I have to have multiple stimuli to concentrate (which actually flies in the face of the studies done on the subject, however there were anomalies there too)
    29 - Am lousy at math, which is a tragedy because have found a great love of Physics, Astronomy, and similar nerd-learning
    30 - Was once shot
    31 - Moved to the city because I hated the country, but kinda sorta wanna get the fuck out of the city now...don't get excited Magus - the only thing that would get me to move back to the PNW is if my only other option were Texas.
    32 - Have a difficult time expressing feelings that aren't anger or mirth
    33 - Have found that 99% of the time that's all I need
    34 - Despite having a great love (and knowledge) of the English language, I'm never sure when I use a semi-colon if I'm using it right
    35 - Despite having a great hatred (and loathing) of dealing with people socially, I've found that I'm usually pretty fucking good at it
    36 - Enjoy doing things like that ^
    37 - Used to love the idea of ending my genetic line, but have occasionally wondered how a kid of mine would turn out...
    38 - Just noticed that I only have about 12 more to go (and am excited!)
    39 - Have discovered how important it is to live life, right when I find that I don't have enough time for it
    40 - Cannot find it in my heart to hate another person...that seems like too much effort for too little of a payoff to me.
    41 - Everyone gets one chance. If you fuck it up after that, you may well be on your own
    42 - Am viewed as being "cynical" to most of the people that know me (of course, I don't think that I am )
    43 - Feel more "chosen" since discovering that my mother's mother's mother was probably Jewish
    44 - Will retire at the earliest opportunity <-- meaning, I prefer jobs that aren't actually work
    45 - Will retire sooner, if at all possible
    46 - Greatest desire is to have my consciousness in-tact forever. I'll become the worlds first full-on as cyborgy as a cyborg can be cyborg if I'm ever wealthy enough to pull it off
    47 - (Wife's help: "You have hair that grows on the bridge of your nose") <- true, but it's not much
    48 - (Wife: "You have really good balance") <- ustacould, but since I've been gaining weight my balance has gotten worse (that's part of the reason I want to lose this fuckin' belly!!!)
    49 - (Wife: "Sometimes you giggle in your sleep. One time you said 'yaaaay!!!'") <- I have no idea if this is true, but I giggled when she told me about it
    50 - (Wife: "You're married to a hot nurse") <- This is very true as well

    <crosses fingers and hope his reply is the first> <-- if the site's down, just check back later

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    Re: 50 Facts About You

    You were first James x
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    Re: 50 Facts About You

    1. I peel the price stickers off everything.....even empty soup cans before I put them in the recycle bin. If any of the glue from the sticker is left behind I use lighter fluid to remove it.....and then I put it in the recycle bin.
    2. I had scoliosis when I was a kid and had to wear a brace to correct it.
    3. When I was a kid I used to spend hours catching salamanders in the creek behind my house. This earned me the much coveted title of "The Great Lizard Catcher".....the Great Salamander Catcher just doesn't have the same ring to it.
    4. I have a small birthmark on the back of my left thigh.
    5. To me, camping means staying at the Motel 6 instead of the Raddisson.
    6. I eat 6 - 8 avocados a week.
    7. There are currently no warrants out for my arrest.
    8. I can't/won't go through revolving doors. I have an irrational fear of being trapped.
    9. The knot on the inside of my lower lip is from flying off a swing and hitting the ground face first when I was little. My front teeth went through my lip.
    10. I'm still afraid of the monster under my bed.
    11. I do not think before I speak.
    12. Lentils make me fart!
    13. I like walking in graveyards at night.
    14. The first boy I ever kissed was my high school sweetheart, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He was named after a distant relative of some importance. He was a lousy kisser.
    15. The title of my Master's Thesis is: Taphonomic Significance of Pectinid Bivalve Dominated Layers in the Pinecrest Sand, Pliocene of South Florida....I'm sure the title is far more impressive than the research.
    16. I can scuba dive but I never learned to swim...though I can dog-paddle with the best of them.
    17. I had two pet bunny rabbits when I was younger. Ganymede and Io.
    18. My favorite color is red.
    19. The first concert I ever went to was Molly Hatchet. The last concert I went to was Alanis Morrisette.
    20. I am an out-of-the-closet disco fan.
    21. I cannot play a musical instrument even though I took 2 years of piano.
    22. I've ridden an elephant (somehow that sounds dirty).
    23. I've broken both of my pinky toes three times each. Five of the six times I reset them myself. It hurt like hell.
    24. I collect ceramic Starbucks coffee mugs. I have 36.
    25. I recently started collecting pigs and I have no idea why.
    26. I was baptized a Mormon when I was little.....gee, thanks Ma! No, I did not have the funny underwear.
    27. I currently have 29 pairs of knickers, most of them have Happy Bunny, Hello Kitty, or Betty Boop on them.
    28. I haven't eaten an animal since early 2006.
    29. My favorite television show of all time is Star Trek.....the original of course!
    30. I cannot tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue.
    31. My favorite moon is the sliver moon.
    32. I went to six formal dances in high school and made five of the six dresses I wore.
    33. I have worked on a shrimp boat.
    34. I can veganize almost anything, including chorizo.
    35. I think knee socks are the worst fashion faux pas ever!
    36. I've never played strip poker.
    37. I love popsicles.
    38. I got bitten by a dolphin once.
    39. I think pennies are a waste of metal and I throw them on the ground.
    40. I should never be left alone in a kitchen store with a credit card. It would be bad.
    41. None of my dinner plates match. I did this on purpose.
    42. <----This is the answer to life, the universe and everything.
    43. I have a full poster-sized print of my best cat ever, Nelson, who died from brain seizures four years ago at 17.
    44. I've owned 18 cats in my life....or rather 18 cats have owned me.
    45. I have never drank a Yoo Hoo.
    46. I have never been fired from a job.
    47. I don't wear a ring on my ring finger because of a silly childhood superstition that technically no longer applies to me.
    48. I encouraged the neighborhood kids to egg my house on Halloween once because I was mad at my father had to clean it up.
    49. When I was in college I had a pet octopus named Kong.
    50. I have escaped death twice.

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    Re: 50 Facts About You

    1. I love my kids
    2. I have 3 cats
    3. I have had 12 cats in total
    4. this is my second, and last marriage
    5. I love pizza
    6. I have been arrested
    7.I love to camp and sit by the campfire
    8.I hate housework, but I hate mess and clutter even more.
    9. I smoked for about 25 years
    10. I was raised by my father
    11. I don't like my mother very much
    12. I am self-employed
    13. I work at a Haunted attraction in October
    14.I never liked school, and avoided going as much as possible.
    15. I have mild addhd, ocd and I am dyslexic...waht was I talking about?
    16. I hate olives and dill pickles
    17 is my favourite number
    18. I have had 11 surgeries in my life
    19. I am afraid of big dogs because I was attacted by one as a child
    20. I have lived in 12 houses
    21. my daughter is now taller than me, so that makes me the shortest in the family
    22. I had my motorcycle licence before I ever drove a car.
    23. I haven't driven one in years

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    Re: 50 Facts About You

    1. I play piano to Grade 5 even though I've never had a single lesson.
    2. Good piano music makes me cry.
    3. So does someone murdering a perfectly good piece of piano music.
    4. I am a secret grammar Nazi, though like Rok, I don't know how to use a semicolon.
    5. I am currently learning Marcia Alla Turka by Mozart.
    6. When I finish 6th form I'm moving to Scotland in the middle of the night.
    7. Because I hate goodbyes.
    8. I sing professionally.
    9. I'm an extremely emotional person.
    10. I cried in Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, both the book and the film.
    11. All I want to do when I'm older is to be a mum.
    12. I adore Philosophy ^^
    13. I am struggling to come up with 20 facts. let alone 50.
    14. I am also struggling with VBBulliten :/
    15. Recently (ish) shot myself in the foot with a nail gun.
    16. I love horses and am apparently a natural rider.
    17. I'm allergic to cheese.
    18. I'm allergic to cold (as in temperature).
    19. I'm sensitive to Caffeine.
    20. I'm messy.
    21. I get really pissed off when people invade my personal bubble.
    22. I hate peepers.
    23. I swear like a sailor.
    24. I'm registered blind in one eye.
    25. I'm always ill.
    26. I want to be a vegetarian but I need the Iron.
    27. I like Thrash metal.
    28. I'm a Facebook addict
    29. I'm totally devoted to Paganism.
    30. I'm polytheistic.
    31. I'm pacifistic.
    32. I admire Buddhists.
    33. I'm bisexual
    34. I'm pretty much entirely disowned by my whole family now.
    35. I prefer my own company.
    36. I absolutely hate Twilight, New moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (The books, not the time).
    37. I'm the rock to all my friends, I will always be there and support them through anything.
    38. My nickname is Millie.
    39. I am proud of my body.
    40. I'm a lazy little sod.
    41. My favorite colors are: Red, Green, Pink, Black, White.
    42. Languages I can speak are: English, French, Spanish and some sign language.
    43. I'm a cuddle-bug.
    44. I know more about other people than I do myself.
    45. I am diagnosed with Depression.
    46. With help, I have started to stop harming.
    47. Music is my life, without it I wouldn't be here.
    48. If you are stupid I will make fun (eg. As a joke I said I was dead. A girl came up to me and seriously asked me 'are you actually)
    49. I am learning guitar
    50. I think everyone is beautiful, no matter what you think of yourself. There is no such thing as fat. There is no such thing as ugly.
    "Otwarty świat; rany zamknięte."
    - Open world; Wounds closed.

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    Re: 50 Facts About You

    1. I'm a little over six feet tall.
    2. I have light blue eyes
    3. My favorite book is Midnight's Daughter
    4. I spend most of my time playing video games
    5. I always cry at the end of Metal Gear Solid 3
    6. My favorite game is Shadow Hearts
    7. I love learning about history
    8. My favorite historical figure is Alexander the Great
    9. I hate my computer
    10. I love pro-football (American style football)
    11. I took college level Calculus while in Highschool.
    12. My hair is very dark brown and usually looks black
    13. My favorite thing to drink is sweet tea
    14. I think pepperoni pizza is the greatest food ever made
    15. I'm overweight and really want to get thinner.
    16. I'm a shut in.
    17. I'm on several internet forums
    18. My favorite colors are purple, blue and black
    19. My favorite band is Shinedown.
    20. My favorite movie is Clerks
    21. My favorite stand up comic is Jim Gaffigan.
    22. I'm trying to become a professional writer
    23. I'm the queen of procrastination.
    24. I worship the goddess of wisdom and war, Athena.
    25. My favorite anime is Death Note.
    26. I like astronomy
    27. I originally wanted to be a paleontologist when I grew up.
    28. I'm bi.
    29. I favorite clothing style is gothic.
    30. My main guilty pleasure is the cartoon, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    31. I used to play the guitar
    32. I was twenty the first time I got drunk
    33. I accidentally came out of the closet about being bi the first time I got drunk.
    34. I'm, unfortunately, still a virgin.
    35. Cats are my favorite kind of pet.
    36. I always watch the WWE, when it's on tv.
    37. I like mixed martial arts.
    38. I played the trumpet for a little while, while in middleschool.
    39. I usually listen to Tool while writing.
    40. Even though I've never met him in person, I despise Jack Thompson.
    41. Was once shot in the foot with a BB gun by my cousin.
    42. I have five pets (two dogs, two birds and a cat).
    43. I curse like a sailor
    44. I'm pretty sarcastic.
    45. Shadow Dragon is my main online name.
    46. I like talking about politics
    47. I have smoked weed a few times.
    48. I have a birthmark near my left elbow.
    49. The browser I use is Google Chrome.
    50. I posted in this thread.
    Cogito ergo sum.

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    Re: 50 Facts About You

    24. I want to go to Scotland and New Zealand before I die
    25. I have decided to buy a motorcycle as soon as my car is paid off
    26. I love to dance in the rain.
    27. I could sit and watch the ocean for ....ever...
    28. I was a lifeguard
    29. I was a counsellor, swimming instructor and canoeing instructor at a camp for under-privillaged children; they were the best summers!
    30.i enjoy doing dishes (it is the only housework i like)
    31.I can pull weeds, turn the soil and transplant seedlings all day.
    32. I sat outside in the cold for over an hour last night and 'talked' to the moon (SuperMoon! )
    33. I have driven a convertable in a parade
    34.I have been on stage in Ottawa during the Canada Day celebrations
    35.i have to wear 'old lady,orthotic shoes'
    36. I hope i can find a pair of motorcycle boots with
    37.favourite colour is blue
    38. favourite bird is the chickadee favourite 'car' was my suburban
    40. i don't like my house and want to move next year
    41. I would like to have no neighbours, just field or forest
    42. i am hungry and want to get through this so i can go have my breakfast
    43. my hubby has made breakfast for me almost every sunday for 20 years
    45. he is my best friend
    46. I would be so lost without him
    47. I am not sure why he loves me so much, but he says the same to me, we are a good fit.
    48. I am hoping noone will notice that i missed #44
    49. I am going to the beach next week!
    50. that was harder than i thought it would be
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    Re: 50 Facts About You

    1. I just turned 21 a month and a half ago.
    2. I am engaged.
    3. My dog is a French Bulldog/Boston terrier mix.
    4. My dog is named after a brand of gun.
    5. I once had 21 cats.
    6. I once owned 4 dogs, along with the cats.
    7. My favorite cat died of feline luekemia.
    8. I am now allergic to cats.
    9. My favorite food is steak.
    10. I love restaraunts that cook my food in front of me.
    11. My favorite resaraunt is HuHot.
    12. My favorite pop is rootbeer mixed with cream soda.
    13. My favorite alcoholic beverage is cold apple pie.
    14. I had the less dangerous form of Menungitus when I was a child.
    15. I had kidney stones when I was 6.
    16. The tubes I had as a toddler had to be surgically removed because they got stuck.
    15. I have had a total of seven operation in my life.
    17. I used to love running, but I hated the competition.
    18. I am now an active participant in Tae Kwon Do.
    19. I am slowly getting back in shape and thinking of becomeing a police officer in order to get involved in reconstruction and composite sketching.
    20. My graphic design teacher says my designs are "zen".
    21. I need to work on my spelling.
    22. I spent two years learning Spanish in high school.
    23. I spent two years learning Russian in college.
    24. I remember more of the Spanish than the Russian.
    25. I am half way there.
    26. I have a 2.66 GPA and it is going up (thank whatever higher power is out there!)
    27. Grenadine gives me a sugar high.
    28. I am 5' 2".
    29. My hair gets browner every year.
    30. I have blue/green eyes, depending.
    31. This is the only screen name I've used since I was around 15.
    32. Peicestopeices was my screen name when I played chess on pogo.
    33. I miss playing chess and should start again, it was good for my brain.
    34. I helped teach my dog to high-five this last week.
    35. I am cuddling with my fiance as I type this and it is hot as hell (well not quite, that would be painful).
    36. I haven't had a panic attack/night terror in a long time.
    37. I have over 200 pages written in stories.
    38. My favorite TV show is House, though I missed a lot of the last season due to classes.
    39. I watch WWE with my fiance on a regular basis.
    40. My computer is a Gateway.
    41. All of my design classes are on Macs.
    42. My favorite color is blue, most days.
    43. Stoeger (my dog) tickles me and my fiance by licking our feet.
    44. I hold my fiance down so Stoeger can tickle my fiance's ears/nose/face.
    45. I have a glass thermometer that tells the temp by floating bulbs that I love.
    46. My "altar" consists of gifts that are religiously related.
    47. My "Book of Shadows" is mostly a cook book right now.
    48. I am religiously confused.
    49. My favorite genre is fantasy/romance. (Preferably a mix of the two)
    50. I may be going to sleep soon.
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    It could be complicated; of course it could be complicated. And it opened one up to the possibility of more pain and loss.
    Still, it was a blessing I would never relinquish. Love, genuine love, was always a cause for joy.
    -Jacqueline Carey, Naamah's Curse

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    Re: 50 Facts About You

    1. I'm graduating college this weekend after a very challenging 4 years.
    2. I'm actually blonde, but some people think I'm brunette because I don't highlight my hair and they're used to bleached blondes.
    3. I'm really pale.
    4. I sunburn extremely easily and have given up on ever having a tan.
    5. But before I gave up, I got lots of sun scars on my shoulders, which are basically permanent freckles.
    6. However, I do not burn easily when cooking, even if I accidentally touch extremely hot (~400F) metal.
    7. I'm pretty short and used to like wearing heels all the time in high school to make up for it.
    8. I pretty much gave up on heels in college when I started walking everywhere.
    9. I am a pretty good swing dancer.
    10. I've been dancing for 4 years.
    11. I used to spin sabres.
    12. That was when I was in color guard and winterguard in high school.
    13. I love anthropology, which is what my degree is in.
    14. I want to be a midwife and will be starting nursing school next year.
    15. I am a socialist.
    16. I vote Democratic, but they are often too conservative for my tastes.
    17. I believe most Americans have a warped idea of what it means to be conservative and liberal.
    18. I'm a pescetarian trying to go flexitarian.
    19. I fail at eating meat.
    20. I dance in Chicago often and consider myself a Chicago dancer.
    21. That's despite living in Indiana.
    22. I love mountain climbing.
    23. I love the Smoky Mountains.
    24. I love seeing wild animals, like the coyote I saw last night right outside my apartment.
    25. I have only been to New Orleans once, but think it is the best city in the world.
    26. I studied abroad in London.
    27. I sort of became a Londoner there.
    28. Since living in London, I have come to think that it is absurd to have to pay large sums of money to go to a museum.
    29. I was born in the same city where I grew up and went to college.
    30. I still visit my parents a lot, and they have never moved away from the house they built before I was born.
    31. I was more popular at my high school than I was at my university.
    32. One of the highlights of my senior year in high school was tying for "most outstanding senior" in band with my best friend, as voted on by our classmates. Yeah, it was basically a popularity contest. I was stunned because I was absolutely positive she would have won. It made me feel valued, equally with my best friend.
    33. I learned to play the flute my senior year in high school.
    34. I used to want to be an engineer, but then saw my dad being miserable at work and decided against it.
    35. I learned how to program robots when I was in middle school using java.
    36. I forgot everything about programming.
    37. I used to ride horses until my allergies got so bad I had to stop.
    38. I went on allergy shots for 4 years to get them under control.
    39. I never went back to horse riding - it's far too expensive a hobby.
    40. I learned to ice skate when I learned to walk.
    41. I love to get henna tattoos.
    42. I'm far too indecisive for real tattoos.
    43. If I were to get a real tattoo, it would be the trispiral design from Newgrange in Ireland.
    44. But I'm scared I'd not think that was as cool in 5 years.
    45. I love babies.
    46. I love hamsters.
    47. I've had two hamsters and miss them dearly.
    48. I want to have 1-3 children of my own.
    49. I like lots of different kinds of music, from Irish pub music to African fusion to pop to classic rock to Americana folk.
    50. Graduating scares me a little, but I'm glad to be starting a new phase of my life.

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