OK.I once used a method to make someone fall in love with me.it worked but...our relationship didn't.She sensed this strong feeling for me that she wanted me so much and she thought that this relationship might distract her from getting her scholarship (well she was right anyway) and so she told me we have to breakup.and guess what? at that time I was under the influence of my own "love magick" because I didn't clean my aura after the meditation.I had a hard time forgetting her so yeah this method works, but it's risky.I advise you to use "glamour" on your lover.I will put Glamour methods here as soon as I find a good way.

"Love Magick"
1- Go into trance.
2- Go into your astral temple or sacred sanctuary or whatever you call it (if you have any, if not see step 2*)
2*- Visualize yourself in a beautiful room.
3- summon your lover's projection there by linking to their presence with a memory or a dna (like hair).
4- take his/her light body out from his/her projection and whisper in his/her ear (preferably left ear).be firm and kind but strong "You are deeply in love with me and you love to be in my presence." feel what you are saying when you are doing this but make sure that you clean your aura after that!
5- You can add whatever you want to that whisper and whatever you want her to feel about you!

P.S. : Never stop even when you get satisfying results.because influence of this magick will go away so try to make her love, with all her heart (Physically I mean!).when the time is right, stop using this magick and start enjoying your life ;-) .I know that you can do better than me! o_O

CAUTION: believe it or not, if you use this method for other purposes than Love, I will guarantee, you regret that.know that if you abuse this you will be punished automatically by the powers (and of course if I find out somehow, by me personally!)

Stay Safe.