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Thread: Little bit lost....

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    Re: Little bit lost....

    Does he use classical elements (earth/air/fire/water/ sometimes spirit) much? If so, I'd start looking for additional sources and doublechecking him. If memory serves (and I'm not anywhere near an expert on the Celts then so it might not), then that region was not big on classical element use and he's borrowing from western ceremonial and some Wiccan practices. Past that, I'm pretty sure that you should not be seeing the Wiccan Rede or Law of Threefold Return. Either of those mean he's tying Wicca in. There are other more specific errors that he may make but I'm not familiar enough with him or the Celts to comment too much.


    DR's advice is sound. A quick glance at a review has me mildly leery and in the end it really is safest to look for historical and archaelogical info for most branches of neo-paganism. The pagan/new age section of most bookstores tends not to be filled with accurate history.
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    Re: Little bit lost....

    Quote Originally Posted by DeseretRose View Post
    My advice? Take everything with a grain of salt. Everything. Some of your best resources can be books on myth, anthropology, and archeology from your public library, even if you're not interested in literally reconstructing ancient belief, because they ground you in what we know actually was done, what our best guesses are as to the why and how, and hone your bullshit meter. It makes it much easier to make choices from there about what you personally, choose to believe, and the leaps you are and aren't willing to make.
    Yep. This. I'm not a reconstructionist and while I respect anyone who wants to do that, it's not for me because I'm very much grounded in the modern world and I feel that practices from the past don't translate enough into what we know now or how we live. BUT I do read a lot of these sources, because I feel you can really only make something your own when you know what you're working with. It's can't design clothing if you don't know how to work with fabric, and you can't write music if you don't know how chords and harmonies work, etc.

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