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I think it looks cool. Is there are difference in pronunciation for them or something?

It's because in Dutch the letter combination "ei" is a pronunciation similar to that "ij" of "kortrijk" you heard the other day.
Normally we'd pronounce it something like "ateisme" (the way an english-speaking person would hear it) and without the ´ you would get the incomprehendable "atijsme" because you don't even use the pronunciation of "ei" or "ij" in English.

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Thanks for coming back with that - I actually wasn't asking about anything supernatural.

So - if we're understanding eachother, what you're telling me is that, when you go out and look at the stars on a clear night, away from city lights, you don't feel anything? Or when you look over a the side of a high mountain, or into a deep canyon, you don't feel anything?

I do - the feeling is best described as "awe" - that's what I was trying to ask about.

I'd probably be thinking "yep... the stars... woohoo" and "yep... it's a mountain... a big one" and immediately move on with what I was doing. So no I wouldn't feel special or anything, really.
But I think that's more the nihilist part about me than anything to do with Athe´sm.