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Thread: Posting Style and Grammar Tips

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    Re: Posting Style and Grammar Tips

    Ok, the only thing I see a problem with is that instead of apostrophes there are ' or some other weird code there.

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    Re: Posting Style and Grammar Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragua Kalė View Post
    Ok, the only thing I see a problem with is that instead of apostrophes there are ' or some other weird code there.
    The site was previously in SMF. When the owners switched over to VB, it did funny things to a lot of the posts that were made with the old software. You'll see quote errors and odd code in a lot of the older posts. Anything within the 2+ (I think, may be less) years should be unnaffected.
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    Re: Posting Style and Grammar Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by perzephone View Post
    It doesn't look like we've got a thread like this on the new forum. Some people have been using online forums since the concept arrived on the internet. Other people have some experience with them, and some are brand new. I just figured a brief 'style guide' could help people make posts more readable and understandable for everyone.

    1) Take your time and type out whole words. There isn't any need to use 'text' or 'leet' speak in a forum. If you're rushed but want to reply, the thread most likely isn't going anywhere.

    2) If making a long post or reply, break it up into short paragraphs. It's easier to read and follow visually.

    3) Add a space after punctuation, and capitalize the first letter of any word following a period.

    4) Use relevant subject titles to give readers an idea of what the thread will contain. 'Job Not Giving Pagans Holidays Off' is probably better than 'OMGWTF!!! So MADDDD!!!'

    5) If you're not sure how something is spelled, check an online dictionary or a word-processing program's spell-checker. You can always copy and paste an entire post into a word-processor or on-line spell-checker like this one: Free Public Spell Checker.

    6) If you're making a list of items in a single sentence, use a comma after each item (a comma before 'and' designating the last item in a list is optional - some guides say use one, others say it's not necessary): "Today I ate peaches, potato pancakes, eggs, ham, bread and thirteen babies" not "Today I ate peaches potato pancakes eggs ham bread and thirteen babies".

    7) Book & movie titles should be italicized.

    Oh, and because I am a pompous ass:

    If 'it' owns something, use its - 'its book, its cookie'. If 'it' is doing something, use it's (it is). It's annoying when people mix them up, isn't it?

    Your sister is going if you are. You're (you are) going, aren't you? In days of yore, you'd both need a chaperone.

    Their (possessive) book is over there (location). They're (they are) going to have to get it themselves.
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