First a link about Brownie Mary.

And now I want to tell you who she was,if you don't know the name. She was an older Woman in San Francisco,her real name was Mary Jane Rathbun,and I lived in the City when she became a star for all of San Francisco. It was the time of the beginning of the AIDS epidemic,and if you lived and worked in the City then,you knew someone that caught it,and in the beginning died. Many friends that I worked with fell pray to this deadly disease,fading before my eyes,as this scourge devoured their lives. Brownie Mary,was a person of compassion.she faced arrest time and time again for doing something that would change California forever.
What she did was deliver "Special" Brownies to the AIDS patients at San Francisco General hospital to ease their suffering. She was arrested for doing this,but it really was not so simple to stop her. When She was arrested,there were demonstrations all over the city for her release. I lived and worked in the City.and I also joined in those protests. She it is considered was part of the reason that Medical marihuana was legalized in California. She died April 10, 1999,and is missed by many,many people that live and have lived in San Francisco. Go to the link,and read her story,I think you will learn and see just how brave some people are when it concerns helping and being there for other people.