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Thread: U.S. Navy has got a BFG..Yeh kinda like in doom...

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    U.S. Navy has got a BFG..Yeh kinda like in doom...

    I had read about this for a while,a magnetic rail gun..Read the story,and see what you think about this.

    A Quote.
    "In addition, rather than relying on chemical propellants like gunpowder, the railgun uses an electromagnetic pulse to create strong magnetic fields that propel the conductive bullet on a sliding metal sled and out of the barrel -- at 4,500 to 5,000 miles per hour and as far as 100 nautical miles away in about 5 minutes, with possible future expansion to 220 miles, according to ONR."

    And here a slide show of the gun firing
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    Re: U.S. Navy has got a BFG..Yeh kinda like in doom...

    I want one of those so bad...

    I wonder if plans are available over the Internet yet...
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    Re: U.S. Navy has got a BFG..Yeh kinda like in doom...

    Quote Originally Posted by b. De corbin View Post
    i want one of those so bad...

    I wonder if plans are available over the internet yet...
    me too!!!!!!
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    Re: U.S. Navy has got a BFG..Yeh kinda like in doom...

    I want a cheap way to power the thing. Sell the plans for a cheap power supply and it may be possible to buy one of the production models.
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    Re: U.S. Navy has got a BFG..Yeh kinda like in doom...

    Excuse my French, but that isnt a bunker buster, thats a bunker Raper...


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    Re: U.S. Navy has got a BFG..Yeh kinda like in doom...

    *want one*
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