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  • primarily from without (deities/the cosmos/spirits/etc)

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  • half and half

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Thread: Divination POV's

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    Re: Divination POV's

    I think within v. without is a false dichotomy. *shrug*

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    Re: Divination POV's

    I think both from within and without. I've always believed that the deities often prod us to find answers and solutions within ourselves, but I don't rule out that there are times they give us answers.

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    Re: Divination POV's

    I work with Fortune, Tarot and Oracle cards as well as with numbered and lettered polyhedral dice and bones.

    I would have to say my choice of divination will always be the cards, as I've always felt a strong connection to individual decks.

    However, I mostly do readings for clients. I tell my querent to tell me a bit about themselves (if it's my first time meeting them) and then about their situation. I'll then ask them to come in contact with the divining tool(s), and while they engage with them I'll go into prayer/meditation and finally we'll begin.

    Also, before and after each reading, I cleanse my tools of any previous energy and then will charge them for the next use. This is usually done with incense or crystals. But if I'm somewhere I have no access to those, a prayer and blessing works too.

    As far as the accuracy of the readings, they are based on the energy that flows from the querent to the tool. The tools themselves also carry a spiritual entity within them. As I do with my guardian dolls, when I buy new divination tools, I 'breathe' life into them after requesting their spiritual creation by Yahweh. These individual spirits will then aid me with the reading.
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    Re: Divination POV's

    I believe with my readings I am repeating what Mother Earth tells me.
    There's no way I can know the things I post in the readings.
    I started out with a Rider deck, it got stolen(!), Mom gave me a deck
    she got from a mutual friend and I am not sure where they got it cause
    they didn't read. Rider deck always left me with a feeling like there's more
    to the "story" and I just cannot wring it out of it ! On my b-day many years
    ago Mom gave me Brian Browne Walker's I-Ching book; I've seen other's
    but like this one the best. I used a pendulum for awhile, but stopped cause
    I can move it with just asking so I couldn't trust answers. I found oracle
    decks and was somewhat better off. I went searching thru tarot for sale
    sites until I found the best deck I ever had. I can clearly hear the words
    and share them with the one I'm reading. I use Soul Cards 1 & 2.
    Gentle Light

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