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Thread: What plants to put in an herb garden?

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    What plants to put in an herb garden?

    I'm starting an herb garden and I'm going to buy the seedlings today, but I'm not sure what I should buy. What are some commonly used herbs that are easy to grow? Also, I'd like to put in at least one butterfly-attracting plant, so what are some of those? It doesn't matter if that one is an herb. Thanks.

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    Re: What plants to put in an herb garden?

    You got to change the color of your type, lol. Are you doing a cooking herb garden? If so sage, basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, dill, mints. I don't know what herbs attract butterflies but I have a butterfly bush. It get them and bees galore. They get big but you can prune them every fall.

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