Hey, had a quick look and couldn't find a thread with original lyrics/poetry up. Maybe I'm in the wrong sub-forum, or maybe people are a little nervous to put original work up for whatever reason. But if you don't mind, I'd like to share one of mine I wrote last week for a friend. And I love reading other people's lyrics/poetry as well. So, consider this your invitation to post.

You, my star
You rose to heights
Illuminated my face, my heart.

And I shone under your love
Bathed in your attention

So light
You whispered old truths
That seeded in me
And took root
(now look what I've become)

I wanted to be your sunlight
Warm your heart as you did mine

Little coal, little coal
Feel my heat and watch it glow
Little coal, the tension is beautiful
Pull me tight, pull me tight,
Run your fingers through my heart strings
Hear me sing
(na-na na na...)

Three days, three nights
You were mine.
My lucky star,
Here then gone
Here then gone.

But what I saw was truly mine
Blessed be my eyes!

(na-na na na..)