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Thread: What is a Kitchen Witch, and a Hedge Witch?

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    Unhappy What is a Kitchen Witch, and a Hedge Witch?

    I barely know much about either one, and the more I read on Kitchen Witches, the more I am confused...I don't know what Kitchen Witches cook...I researched and found simple vegetarian recipes...I heard simply that Hedge Witches connect to the Otherworld...I'm trying to figure out what witch mainly is outdoors, growing their own garden, being a healer, practicing rituals outside...

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    Re: What is a Kitchen Witch, and a Hedge Witch?

    There's loads of people out there better at answering this question than me, but this thread might help a little bit. There's also an awesome blogger named Juniper who I've followed for quite a while. She's a veritable goldmine of information.

    I think kitchen witches can cook anything - in this day and age, many people (merely an observation) who are interested in more new-agey things tend also to be more ethical/health conscious, which might account for your vegetarian recipe findings, but imo, a kitchen witch would be more limited in his or her craft than a hedgewitch.

    A hedgewitch and a kitchen witch both work in the kitchen cooking, but I think a hedgewitch does more outside of the kitchen. I think your description of being outdoors, growing a garden etc could account for either witch.

    Hope I was helpful! As I said, there are some here who'd be a better help than I, as I'm very loosely a witch (if at all!).
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    Re: What is a Kitchen Witch, and a Hedge Witch?

    For the differences between kitchen witches and hedge witches, the thread V pointed out is a good one. As far as *what* kitchen witches do, here's another good thread... And for cooking, kitchen witches cook whatever they want to cook...its really more about using magic as a domestic tool--in the kitchen, as well as anywhere else in or around the home, or outside the home in the basic activities that take care of family.
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    Re: What is a Kitchen Witch, and a Hedge Witch?

    Quote Originally Posted by Slush View Post
    I heard simply that Hedge Witches connect to the Otherworld...
    This is, to me, one of the main thing that sets a hedgewitch apart from a kitchen witch or green witch. The sort of "shamanic" spirit work, otherworld work, etc. It's not that a Green/Kitchen witch can't or doesn't do such things, it's just usually not going to be one of the more main focuses of their practice.

    I'm trying to figure out what witch mainly is outdoors, growing their own garden, being a healer, practicing rituals outside...
    So with the spirit work element, this could describe a hedgewitch fairly well. Without that element, this could also easily describe a green or kitchen witch. (Although a kitchen witch may be more inclined to practice inside than out, but personal preference and all that leaves some wiggle room.)

    This article gives a rough breakdown of the terms kitchen/green/hegde/etc., so it might be helpful. To make it a little more difficult, sometimes there's overlap... In other words, as a hedgewitch I also incorporate a lot of hearth and home stuff into my practice, as well. (Lots do, some don't.) Or, there are many similarities between a green and hedge witch... sometimes the lines can blur a little.
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    Re: What is a Kitchen Witch, and a Hedge Witch?

    I've been following this thread and I had a look at the thread V linked too. I'm starting to suspect that the witchcraft my coven practiced, was more like communal hedge witchery, than wicca. Especially as there was such a strong focus on developing our solitary abilities. I had just learnt, as others have mentioned, that hedge witch was synonymous for solitary witch. I'm guessing Rae Beth has a lot to do with this misconception. Of course, we celebrated (and still do), the Sabbats, and we followed quite a typical wiccan ritual style when we were together (favouring a looser, more spontaneous ritual style when working alone), but from what I've read so far, it seems these things are not in conflict with hedge witchery as such. I always said I didn't need a lable, but now I've found a decent fit, I dunno, I might just have to peel of the backing and stick this one on my forehead...
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    Re: What is a Kitchen Witch, and a Hedge Witch?

    I've always considered myself a 'kitchen witch'. I could call myself a 'homewitch', a 'hearth witch', or a 'city witch' but 'kitchen witch' rhymes :P

    I'm an urban Pagan. I tried being all outdoorsy and stuff, hunting, fishing, camping, outdoor rituals... and came to the ultimate realization that I do not like nature touching me. People forget that not all ancient civilizations (including many native North American & Meso-American) were city folk. I like my city life, I model many of my personal rituals on Greco-Roman Paganism - as in 'shrines in major population centers' kind of ways, less running around on hillsides.

    Whatever I do, I try to keep in mind the ancient archetypal imagery and symbolism. I can clean my house, and at the same time, I'm cleansing it spiritually. I cook, and while I cook I try to remember all the work that went into my food getting to the table, being one link in a very long chain, and how many people are dependent on those chains - not just the 'end users', but the growers, suppliers, packers, shippers, and their families. I feed myself, my husband, my dog and my snakes by the grace of working for money - and there are thousands of people surrounding me doing the same. At work, I use an enormous, bulky, unwieldy database - in a way, it's a metaphor for the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. I can divine the hotel's future from its data, too.

    The water that comes out of my faucet is no less sacred than the waters of the oceans or rivers - it's the same water that's been circulated through dinosaur kidneys, just like all the rest of the water cycle. The fire on my gas stove is no less sacred than the fires of Indian funeral pyres or the stuff that warmed our Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon ancestors. That Moon shining through my window is the same Moon that's been shining down on us all.

    I do work with healing herbs and spices, incorporate the Elements, I have lares and penates... but I am finding myself less focused on the Sabbat model - I'm not a farmer or a livestock-keeper. The seasons are very subtle here in Las Vegas - but I do recognize the changes they bring to my personal rhythms and household. I also don't do much overt spellcraft anymore - most of my magical workings are more subtle - I focus on keeping things serene in my home, keeping out unwanted influences, maintaining harmony and balance between home and work, that sort of thing.
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