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Thread: Results from using Mugwort.

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    Results from using Mugwort.

    I've been curious. Mug wort is my first stepping stone into Herbalism and I was curious to see peoples own personal experience with it, while giving a bit of my own. Sadly I haven't had a dream that I remember in the last six to eight months or so and I had really been missing that.

    I've only steeped the tea Two Times now, all within a day of each other so two of the last four nights I've made a mixture of Chamomile and Mug wort. The first night, I had a bit of high anticipation for the results and on the first night I would say my sleep was nearly the same. However, about a half hour before I woke up I was dreaming, it was great, nothing special just nice to dream again.

    Last Nights results where far better. In the late afternoon I held a small Cleansing and Dream Ritual, which in the process my home was Smudged with Mug wort. Then laid down and had my cup of tea. Last night was full of dreams, no matter how insignificant, nothing Lucid or Astral, but still dreams non the less. I look forward to continuing down the road and seeing where my dreams can take me.
    “A lifetime may not be long enough to attune ourselves fully to the harmony of the universe. But just to become aware that we can resonate with it -- that alone can be like waking up from a dream.” - Br. David Steindl Rast

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    Re: Results from using Mugwort.

    For me, I found drinking mugwort tea helps me to sleep really well and deeply. I remember my dreams better, but as of yet I haven't had any epiphanies! I find, also, that I enjoy drinking it, I find it very soothing and calming, and that is something I value highly at the moment

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